2012 Targets

- Spend more time with family and catch-up with relatives that I’ve hardly seen in the past decade

- Land an opportunity to do some missionary work or even voluntary work overseas. Preferably outside the Europe.

- Develop the Open Mic that we have planned into an eye-catching event for Londoners.

- Identify the specific department within the marketing & advertising industry I want to be part of.

- Develop a greater understanding, bond and friendship with most people if not everyone at my church.

- Share experiences and develop a great rapport with the younger youths at my church. Therefore, being a role-model for younger people in my church.

Ray of light overtaking shadows of the Darth days

A day to the year, where I have made a new bright start to my new breath of life. After a year, tribulations, joy and challenges were laid upon my sight, but I only got Father God to thank for sailing me through it all. Without him, I am nothing. Without him, I would never find a reason to smile again after a turbulent 3 months. Without him, I would never find a church who pose to be more than a community, a family. A family that never fails to value unconditional love, unity and worship. Without a supportive mother, who knows how much grey hair would have been shining out of my scalp. This isn’t just a summary of the past year but this is a thanks-giving to the Father God that I always look upon the heavens to. God just didn’t give me a church to be in, he gave me a family to love and to be loved.

For people who truly knows me, they all can say I have struggled to expose the childhood memories. Often ending up in loop-circles, this is because my mind is perplexed only to what happened the previous day and the day prior, and the week prior to that. But thanks to my All4him family, my childhood were laid upon back to my restless mind, a priceless gift that not a physical resource can exercise such gift.

By being with my beloved All4him family, they have helped me dig deep into my childhood memories. I was able to remember what sort of foods got me out of the couch and onto the dining table, the sort of places that makes me salivate, the dress-sense that I was associated with as a mere child, the times that left crying or sad, the stuff & trouble that got myself into therefore angered my parents, the festive celebrations that got me wept out of my feet, those pains that I have to go through as a young child and most importantly the feeling of being a child. I cannot express much more the priceless values they continue to give me. Confidence, inspirations, simplicity and much more.

How do they do it? Simples! it’s done by attempting to live a life given by God the way he wants us to be, living by his will as his children. In a surrounding, where pride is chained away and the beauty of unconditional love is blooming like petals of flowers in a flower bouquet. One thing I’ve learnt from them is that no matter how much you strive forward under God’s will for success. Happiness in a darth world we live in will be tricky unless you try to live collectively and as a family, living simply to understand living under his words, equally understanding that there is no greater achievement in life than loving him more, not even the treasures and success that our so-called careers can give. Before we fully strive for success, it is efficiently required to know how you get there, the process of it all.

<3 Seeing helping hands on a greater level - so imagine being in their shoes


The children on the street were thrilled to see people in their neighborhood on a bus, and waved at us while we said our goodbyes. Some of us went down to play with them and take their pictures. They couldn’t stop smiling.

It was described to us that taking a bus to Rahat was like taking a bus to Dorchester, Massachusetts. “Wait, Rahat? Why would you go there, what’s in Rahat?” It’s just a low-income town a few miles from Beersheva where Bedouin Palestinians live, people think.

This is on top of the fact that this year for the first time our Dialogue is taking Egged buses through the country. Egged is an Israeli bus company known for its use by Israeli Jewish tourists, so once we got around the corner from here, adults would give us mistrustful glances and children followed us with rocks they could hardly carry. “Imagine—they see a bus in their residential neighborhood, an Egged bus on top of that, but then out pours a bunch of Americans playing with the children,” a coordinator said. It’s a weird situation that causes a lot of double takes with older kids and adults.


Mission Battambang: REINSTATED!

A little 2 or 3 months ago, it looked like the heavens were going to fall on me regarding on some of what I do best. Never looked like recovering and faces down the floor with no signs of turning or tilting the direction of my eyesight. But thanks to everyone at Laurieus for providing myself the opportunity to rejoin the group and claim the place that was never considered to replaced. Unlike other families in life, they took their time and graciously was dependent on an individual’s condition. So I’d like to thank God for this and for using the entire Laureus squad for that faith on me.

It still does make me laugh that I heard such conversation:

D: See time is looking the perfect option, he’s (me) showed great signs of being back to form.

J: Indeed

K: Well done guys, I didn’t think we’ll cut it through.

J: We need him obviously, a full blooded filipino and someone born’d & bred back in Asia is a must.

D: I agree, climbing walls like a monkey, digging tunnels like a rabbit, smelling danger from miles away and making us laugh like if he was moving the way words comes out of Russell Peter’s mouth.

Now, I’m excited about everything but still have to do research on the country and provinces itself, will do soon. I’ve had the jabs in place, ready to be taken before I supposedly jet off. For now, it’s all about raising awareness and creating the events that will recoup the resources as well as funds that is needed to deliver with us to Southeastern Asia. Marseille and certain parts of the UK have already been noted for these projects, the next 11 weeks will be crucial to how far we can go. The protacted contingency have assisted us in the withdrawal of the prototypes for the reconstruction plans in Battambang, but everything will be decided in the 12-13th week.

Reports for Battambang Project.

Some bits of the gold-stuff finally found thanks to peeps at the Old Training Complex of Young Boys. Still some aren’t found yet.


Kenny signs three-year deal

Fenway Sports Group and Liverpool FC today confirmed that Kenny Dalglish has been appointed as Team Manager.

Dalglish, who was initially given the job until the end of the current campaign, has signed a three year deal with the Reds. It was also announced that First Team Coach Steve Clarke has put pen to paper on a three year contract.

Principal Owner John Henry said: “Kenny is a legendary Liverpool figure both as a supremely gifted footballer and successful manager. Since returning in January he has shown extraordinary leadership and the ability to bring the best out of so many people associated with the Club. It was obvious to us very early on that the atmosphere surrounding the Club had been transformed by his presence. No one else could have produced such a response. Therefore, I’m delighted we have agreed to a new contract. We didn’t need nor want to look elsewhere for the right man to manage the team.

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I’m feeling the urge for the ‘light-weight’ factor

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